Thursday, December 9, 2010

RRJ4 : Russia and Qatar awarded 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups


Fifa's writer (2010 December 2nd). Russia and Qatar awarded 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups. Retrieved on 2010, from


            In this article the author took a good overview about how Russia and Qatar won hosting of the World Cup in 2018 and 2022. As on December 2nd at Zurich Exhibition Center, the FIFA Executive Committee has decided two important things. First, Russia has been chosen to host the World Cup in 2018, after they defeated England, Netherlands and Belgium, Spain and Portugal with their bid. Second, Qatar has been chosen to host the World Cup too, but in 2022. Qatar with their big bid managed to defeat Australia, Korea Republic, Japan and USA. Many of the other bidder countries had hosted the World Cup in the past, but the World Cup has never been in Eastern Europe or the Middle East, and that is why the FIFA Executive Committee chose Russia and Qatar. In addition, after the announcement, both Russia and Qatar representatives promised that they will do everything to make it succeed.


          It would be really great to watch the World Cup in Russia and Qatar; it would be more special to me when it is will be in Qatar because it will be in the Middle East and I am from there. After the announcement, there were some arguments of how Russia and Qatar won the hosting; some people think that they do not deserve it. As for myself, I'll stick with what FIFA President Blatter said. The World Cup tournament is a tournament for the whole world, and it has been in many places in the world, so the other places where the World Cup has never been deserve to have it. In addition, Russia and Qatar have made a significant development in building new stadiums and other sporting facilities, so they are ready to host the World Cup.

Monday, November 29, 2010

RRJ 3 : Spanish septet dominate shortlist

Reference :

Fifa's writer ( 2010 November 18 ). Spanish septet dominate shortlist.

Summary :

            In this article the author took a special look at the Spanish players who are candidates to win FIFA Ballon d’Or. For more than 18 years, there has not been a Spanish player who won the prize. But now, the Spanish players have good chances to win the prize, after they won the World Cup last July. There are other candidates players, of course; one of them is Lionel Messi, who won the prize last year and he said that he wished one of his Spanish friends would win the prize if he could not win it again. What makes Spanish players favorites is that in last two World Cups a player from the winner team of the tournament had won the prize after the tournament. However, Spanish players are not the only candidates for the prize and there are big chances for other players who did well in last season to win the prize. In the end, the tenth of next January will determine the winner.

Reaction :

          I really agree with what the author said. Every year when a team win a big tournament, the players of the team are candidates and more favorite to win individual awards from other players in other teams. In my opinion, not every time a player from the winner team deserves the FIFA Ballon d’Or. There are many good players who are playing very good with their team but they cannot win any trophies because their team is not as good as the winner team. Anyhow, I do not think that a Spanish player will win the prize this year, because I think that there are two players who deserve it more than them. The players are Wesley Sneijder and Diego Forlan. In addition, I think there will be one or two players from Spain who will be in the order of the best three players in the world from FIFA, but the first one will not be a Spanish player as I think.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

RRJ 2 : Hungry Pippo simply super

Reference :

Horncastle,J ( 2010, November 4 ) . Hungry Pippo simply super .

Summary :

            In this article the author reviewed Flippio Inzaghi's career briefly after he became all-time top scorer in European club competitions. People always argue with his abilities as a football player but they can't argue with his ability to score goals. His first match was in 1992 against Siena and in just ten minutes he scored. Now, he has scored more than 300 goal in all competitions. He doesn't have many abilities to assist, cross or get the ball but he can certainly score any time even though he is 37 years old. When he plays he always becomes crazy to score and when he scores he becomea more crazy, that's why people still call him a kid sometimes. Now he has put his big marks in the Italian and European competitions.

Reaction :

          I read that article because I'm in love with soccer and it talks about a special player. Pippo Inzaghi is a phenomenon as I think. This is all that I can say about him. He is hungry to score goals even though he is all-time top scorer in European club competitions and he has many other numbers. He plays in a unique style, and that is what his teammate said about him after last match against Real Madrid when he scored two goals and became all-time top scorer in European club competitions. I learned some new information and statistics from this article, and I think it is great because I like to read about the players and their histories.

RRJ 1 : Paul The Octopus

Reference :

Fifa's writer ( 2010 July 20 ) . South Africa 2010's unlikeliest star.

Summary :

            In this article the author reviewed what Paul the octopus did during last World Cup tournament in soccer . The octopus who is supposed to be from Germany guessed the winner from the all World Cup's matches but what is strange is that all his guesses were right and every team he picked to win in the matches won. From that he became famous and earned many fans and in the same time he earned many haters. In the final match in the cup he picked Spain to win the title over Germany and Spain really won in the final and won the cup . After that some people in Spain tried to bring him to the country because they think he's part of the championship. But the owner of the octopus refused and said that he'll stay in Germany and will retire guessing .

Reaction :

          I think what Paul did is amazing or more than that. How can an animal guess right every time and never make a mistake !. People all over the world made a big reaction for what he did . What is ridiculous is that there were some coaches who said that Paul was the reason which made them lose and one of those coaches is Maradona. Spanish prime minister's reaction was good and made me laugh even though he couldn't do what he wanted. At the end I want to add one more point in this article and it's : unfortunately, the octopus died last week.